The Rembrandts got their start in 1990 when longtime pals Danny Wilde and Phil Solem released their self titled debut. Solem traveled from his Minneapolis home to Wilde's Los Angeles garage/studio and the duo recorded a collection of demos that went on to become their self titled debut. That album featured the smash hit "Just The Way It Is, Baby", the band's first hit. But the history of The Rembrandts goes back even before that. In the late 1970's, both were musicians in the LA music scene. Phil was in the band The Loose Change and Danny was lead singer of The Quick. When their band dissolved, Danny and Quick bassist Ian Ainsworth recruited drummer Richard Sanford to start a new band. Needing a lead guitarist, they reached out to Solem. His band had also just broken up, and Great Buildings was born.

Great Buildings spent much of 1978 through 1980 playing in Southern California. Their powerpop sound fit in with the emerging the New Wave scene and they frequented clubs like The Whiskey A-Go-Go, Madame Wongs, and The Starwood, playing alongside bands like The Runaways, The Plimsouls, The Go-Gos, and The Knack. In 1981 Columbia Records signed the band and they released the album "Apart From The Crowd." The album was well received by critics and tracks like "Hold On To Something" and "Maybe It's You" made "Apart From The Crowd" a cult favorite. But the album did not chart and although the band continued perform and even recorded an unreleased follow up album, by the end of 1982 Great Buildings had split up. 

For the rest of the 1980's, Phil and Danny mainly focused on solo projects. Danny released three albums and had two rock radio hits, "Isn't It Enough" and "Time Runs Wild." Phil even played lead guitar on Danny's first solo album, The Boyfriend. 

Since then, The Rembrandts have sold millions of albums, earned a Grammy nomination, and garnered critical acclaim. Their signature harmonies and catchy hooks have attracted fans all around the world. With additional Top 40 hits like "Johnny Have You Seen Her," "Someone," "Burning Timber" and "This House Is Not A Home" the band continues to tour 25 years after their first hit.